Right To Work Supporters Hope To Boost EconomyThose members in the Senate and many business leaders who don't agree with the current state laws enforcing compulsory unionism joined together on Tuesday in Harrisburg to reintroduce Right to Work legislation.
Could Pennsylvania Be Next For Right To Work Legislation?With Michigan, a strong union state, approving right to work Legislation opposed by organized labor, could Pennsylvania be next?
Digital Debate: Teamster’s Hoffa & Amway Heir DeVos: Clash Over Unions!James P. Hoffa and Dick DeVos have vastly differing views of unions, which is why in this heated political climate battles are raging across America over unions in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, California and other states, the two took time to participate in CBS Local Digital Debate.
Metcalfe Proposes Right To Work StatePennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe has proposed legislation to make the Commonwealth a right to work state.

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