Roller Coaster

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Kennywood Hosting Roller Coaster Race This Weekend

You don’t have to be a runner to race at Kennywood this weekend.


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82-Year-Old Breaks 5,000 Rides On Kennywood’s “Jack Rabbit”

If you think you’re a fan of Kennywood, you’ve got nothing on this guy!


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Three Of Kennywood’s Roller Coasters Named ‘Coaster Landmarks’

Three of Kennywood’s roller coasters have now been named coaster landmarks by roller coaster enthusiasts.


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Still Bringing The Thrills: Behind The Scenes Of Raytheon’s Epcot Ride

Raytheon, a longtime supporter of education in science, technology, engineering and math, created Sum of All Thrills to show the real-life application of concepts such as angles, velocity and kinetic energy.


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Safety Features Causing Phantom’s Revenge Stoppages, Not Malfunctions

Kennywood is making it clear that there is no safety problem with the Phantom’s Revenge.


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Riders Stuck On Kennywood Coaster After Malfunction

Several people were stuck on a Kennywood ride when it stopped suddenly Tuesday afternoon.
It happened on the ride “Phantom’s Revenge.”


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Kennywood Opens For The Season!

In a sure sign that summer is almost here, Kennywood Park is now open for the season.