Sherrin Thompson

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Former Officer Found Not Guilty In Son’s Death

A judge handed down a ruling today in the trial of a former police officer facing charges of manslaughter in connection with the death of his 5-year-old son. John Thompson, 39, was found not guilty on charges of involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment and reckless endangerment.


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Judge To Rule In Former Officer’s Son’s Death

A judge will rule on Wednesday whether a veteran police officer should be held responsible for the death of his 5-year-old son.


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Former Officer Rejects Plea Deal In Son’s Death

Prosecutors said a police officer should have known better than to leave a loaded gun where a child could reach it. Now, the man is on trial for manslaughter in the death of his 5-year-old son.


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Mother Keeps Memory Of 5-Year-Old Son Alive

He was a beautiful boy with a beautiful smile. Gavin Thompson called himself a little police officer. He had a badge just like daddy’s pinned to his clothing in his casket.