FDA Approves Implant To Treat Sleep ApneaPeople living with sleep apnea may soon no longer have to wear those big bulky masks to bed.
Sleep Specialist Alarmed By Lack Of Sleep Apnea Screening Requirements For Truck DriversShould people with commercial driver's licenses be screened for sleep apnea?
Use Of CPAP Machines Being QuestionedCPAP has been a standard therapy for decades.
Mass. Company Hopes Device Will Revolutionize Sleep Apnea TreatmentA lot of people have sleep apnea. CPAP machines help treat it, but many people find them bulky and annoying.
Sleep Expert Details 3 Ways To Stop SnoringAre you among the millions who feel like they’re not getting enough sleep? Tired all the time? Snoring could be the culprit, whether from you or your partner. However, there are three things you can do to cut down on the snoring.
New Implantable Device May Help Sleep Apnea SufferersA new device may help people that suffer from sleep apnea.
Highmark To Open Sleep Apnea Supplies StoreMost people who are diagnosed with sleep apnea have to re-order their supplies through the mail. However, Highmark is opening a new, first-of-its kind store in our area to make replacing supplies easier and more convenient.
New Study Reveals Possible Link Between Sleep Apnea & Hearing LossSleep apnea has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Now, add hearing loss to the list.
New Device Could Help With Sleep Apnea There is potential for a new device that is similar to a pace maker that would help people with sleep apnea.
New Implantable Device Helping Sleep Apnea PatientsMachines that you strap on at night, appliances you wear in your mouth, even surgeries to remove throat tissue -- all measures people have resorted to because of sleep apnea.
Medical Frontiers: Sleep Disorders On this week's edition of Medical Frontiers, KDKA Radio's Robert Mangino and Dr. Gerald Pifer welcomed Dr. Daniel Shade to discuss sleep disorders.
New Device Offers Help With Sleep ApneaFor most people that have sleep apnea, the only solution has been a bulky, uncomfortable device.

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