Snow Melt

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Time Lapse Video Shows Just How Fast Mon River Rises

The latest round of snow and rain is causing flooding problems along local rivers, and dramatic time lapse video shows just how fast the rivers can rise.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

NWS, Public Works Crews Monitoring Ever-Changing Weather Conditions

These drastic shifts in precipitation and temperatures have drivers on the defensive.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Rain & Snow Melt Add To Flooding Concerns

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Flood concerns are growing after heavy rains fell all around the Pittsburgh area overnight. Water is on the rise in the area as rain and warm temperatures will start to melt the […]


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Local Low-Lying Communities Brace For Possible Flooding

MILLVALE (KDKA) — With rain in the forecast combined with all the melting snow, residents in low-lying communities across the area are preparing for the potential for flooding. Millvale is a community that sits along […]