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New State Budget Missed It’s Chance

Pennsylvania’s House and Senate barely approved a new state budget – Before the start of the new fiscal year July first. But Governor Tom Corbett held off signing it – In the vain hope of […]


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Corbett Signs Budget, As Bigger Agenda Stalls

It took a marathon weekend session but — with just hours to spare — the General Assembly approved a new $28.4 billion dollar state budget.


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State Could Gain Millions From Medicaid Expansion

An expansion of Medicaid eligibility under a 2010 landmark federal health care law would boost the state’s finances by hundreds of millions of dollars a year, the Pennsylvania Legislature’s nonpartisan fiscal analysts said Tuesday.


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Budget Secretary Warns Of Financial Crisis

The Keystone Pension Report issued by Budget Secretary Charles Zogby warns of a costly crisis in the state’s two pension systems covering public school employees and all state employees.


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Gov. Tom Corbett Defends State Budget

Governor Tom Corbett, R-Pennsylvania, was in Pittsburgh today. He started bright and early and used the nation’s oldest radio commercial radio station, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA, to talk about issues with the economy and the state budget.


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Gov. Corbett Gives State Of The Union To Rob Pratte

Gov. Tom Corbett talked to Rob Pratte and explained parts of the states budget.

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Governor Not Backing Off From Tough Budget Talk

Less than 24 hours after his second budget address, Gov. Tom Corbett was defending his plan to cut the state subsidy to the University of Pittsburgh by 30 percent.


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Sen. Jim Ferlo Discusses Budget

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NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–07/08/2011

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State Budget Includes Salary Increases For Legislators

When it came to cutting funds to education and virtually every state department, the state legislature didn’t spare the axe except when it came to their own salaries.


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Republican Legislative Leaders Release Details Of Budget Deal

With a Thursday deadline looming, Republican legislative leaders in Harrisburg began on Monday to release details of their budget agreement with Gov. Tom Corbett.


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Local Teachers Make Concessions To Save Jobs, Programs

Local school districts are being hit hard by Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed budget cuts. But rather than talking about what might happen, teachers in the Franklin Regional School District in Murrysville are doing something about it by making personal sacrifices.


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State House Votes To Amend State Budget

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has voted to amend the state budget, restoring hundreds of millions of dollars to education.


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Gov. Corbett Defends Education Cuts In Clairton

He was touring a high-tech business in Clairton, but with charts and graphs at his side, there was no question Governor Corbett came to defend his budget – especially the cuts in education.


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Nordenberg Talks About State Budget’s Impact On Pitt

College students across the state may be facing a larger hike in tuition next school year. Gov. Tom Corbett is recommending major cuts in what the state gives to the colleges and universities.


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Thomas Merton Ctr. Board Of Directors Member Talks Pa. Budget

Molly Rush joined Chris Moore this evening on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA. Rush is on the board of directors for the Thomas Merton Center in Pittsburgh.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–03/13/2011