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Stun Gun


Former Officer Sentenced For Tasing Suspect While In Custody

A former Springdale Police Sergeant was sentenced for punching and using a stun-gun on a man in custody.


Photo Credit: KDKA

Man Wrongly Convicted Of Rape, Sent Back To Prison For Gun, Drug Charges

A man who spent nearly two decades in prison on a wrongly convicted rape charge is going back to jail.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

New Cell Phone Cases Could Protect You From Attackers

If you’ve ever gone for a walk or a run and feared for your safety, there are some new products on the market that claim to be the answer to your problem.


(Credit: KDKA)

Man Accused Of Wearing Zombie Mask, Using Stun Gun Speaks Out

A man accused of wearing a zombie mask and using a stun gun on another man is telling his side of the story.