The Week That Was

Maurkice Pouncey

The Morning Sideshow

Maurkice Pouncey talked to Jim at the practice for his weekly chat. Pouncey is wasn’t able to talk with Jim last week after a stomach virus. Pouncey said the noise was a factor and they […]

93-7 The Fan–11/05/2010

Joe Paterno Looks On During Warm-Ups

A Wake Up Call For Joe Paterno And Josh Miller’s Football Picks

Gregg wants to wake up Steeler Fans who are looking to get really drunk before the game in New Orleans. Don’t Do It, because you can be turned away from the game.

93-7 The Fan–10/29/2010

Getty Images

The Morning Sideshow

Gregg wants to wake up his co-worker Chris Mueller for leaving pizza and trash all over the place, he has some advice for Mueller, Don’t Be A Slob! Paul wants to wake up those fans […]

93-7 The Fan–10/22/2010

Consol Energy Center

A Wake Up Call For The Marc-Andre Fleury Haters

It’s Time To Wake Up! Gregg wants to Wake Up all of those including Versus reporter Carissa Thompson who are still pronouncing the name of the Pens new home wrong….it’s not Con-Soul….it’s Con-SOL….it’s going to […]

93-7 The Fan–10/08/2010