Police: Pa. Woman Beat Child With Baseball Bat Over Clogged Toilet

A northeastern Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after police said she beat her child with a baseball bat because of a clogged toilet.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Water Treatment Officials Warn About Flushing Wipes

Water treatment plants all across the country are trying to get the message out to be very careful about what you flush down the toilet.


(Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Police)

Clogged Toilet Leads To Pot Bust

Police say a report of clogged plumbing in a northeastern Pennsylvania apartment building led to a drug bust.


(Photo credit: Alexander Khudoteply/AFP/Getty Images)

When It Comes To The Bathroom, ‘You’re Not Doing It Right’

KDKA-AM’s Larry and John talk to Peter Moore, Editor of Men’s Health Magazine, about the misconceptions of how to sit on a toilet, along with lots of other things we do wrong.

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA–09/10/2012


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