Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls To Increase By 6 Percent In 2016Motorists will have to dig a bit deeper in a few days to pay for travel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
Turnpike Commission Approves Another Toll IncreaseTolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will increase in January for the seventh consecutive year.
Turnpike Toll Booths Could Be Replaced With All-Electronic TollingIt's often a long line nightmare at holidays -- and a pain at almost every other time of year -- but those cash-only toll booths on the Pennsylvania Turnpike could soon be history.
Pa. Turnpike Tolls To Increase In 2014If you travel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, get ready to shell out some more money in 2014.
Turnpike To Increase Tolls In JanuaryTurnpike tolls are set to increase again starting next year.
State Rep. Wants To Abolish Turnpike Commission
Pa. Turnpike To Print Toll Prices On Tickets

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