License Plate Stickers May Be Out In 2017, Or Maybe NotPennsylvania is set to phase out the rectangular registration stickers on license plates by the end of 2016, so long as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) does not convince lawmakers to reverse legislation.
Do Higher PennDOT Fees, Gas Tax Hikes Violate Governor's Campaign Pledge?When Gov. Tom Corbett signed Act 89, the Transportation Funding Bill, last November, it meant a hike in the gasoline tax and other PennDOT fees that are being phased in over the next couple years.
PennDOT Fees Go Up Again To Fund Roads, Bridges & TransitIf you thought the gasoline tax hike in Pennsylvania on Jan. 1 was the last of the tax increases associated with the Transportation Funding Bill -- well, think again.
Cost Of Pa.’s New Gas Tax Expected To Be Passed On To ConsumersPennsylvania's new gas tax took effect Jan. 1.
Pa. House Passes Transportation Funding BillAfter debating a major, multi-billion dollar transportation bill this afternoon, the Pennsylvania House has now passed it. Gov. Tom Corbett says he plans to sign it.
Gov. Corbett Drums Up Support For Transportation Funding BillGovernor Corbett is pushing a comprehensive transportation funding bill to repair highways and bridges and fund public transit across the commonwealth.

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