New Legislations Proposes Turning Interstates Into Toll RoadsRight now you can drive north on Interstate 79 from West Virginia, turn east on Interstate 80 and never pay a toll within Pennsylvania.
Corbett Signs Transportation Bill, Ushering In Higher Gas Taxes And 70 MPH SpeedOn Monday morning, Gov. Tom Corbett signed the most expansive and expensive transportation funding bill in recent years promising major new investments.
Gov. Corbett Drums Up Support For Transportation Funding BillGovernor Corbett is pushing a comprehensive transportation funding bill to repair highways and bridges and fund public transit across the commonwealth.
Democratic Lawmakers Call On Governor To Fund TransportationA group of Democratic lawmakers from our area urged Governor Tom Corbett to come up with more money to improve transportation infrastructure and do more for mass transit.
State Panel Endorses Red Light CamerasMaybe we won’t admit it, but some run red lights, hoping a cop is not nearby, but new technology involving a camera with warning signs too could change all that.

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