Unclaimed Money

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State Treasurer Says Unclaimed Money Could Be Waiting For You

Politicians love to hand out checks, but this one was different.


Does The City Of Pittsburgh Owe You Money?

The City of Pittsburgh has thousands of dollars in unclaimed money owed to area residents and the pay-backs start today.


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Nearly $2 Billion In Unclaimed Money Owed To Pennsylvanians

The state treasurer returned more than $17,000 in unclaimed property to the United Steelworkers today.


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$2 Million In Unclaimed Rebates For Pennsylvania Residents

Nearly $2 million dollars in unclaimed promotional rebates will be available to Pennsylvania residents.


City Of Pittsburgh Unclaimed Funds

You may have some money coming from the City of Pittsburgh.


Find Unclaimed Money

The Pennsylvania Treasury keeps track of unclaimed money. To find out if you have some, visit the PA Treasury website.