United Steelworkers

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Allegheny Technologies To Lock Out More Than 2,000 Workers

Union workers at Allegheny Technologies Inc. plants in Pennsylvania and three other states will be locked out starting Saturday.


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Talks Break Down Between United Steelworkers Union, ATI

They were on the job today, but their future is uncertain after talks broke down between United Steelworkers and ATI.


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Trade Deal Has Local Steelworkers Worried About Jobs

Job security for steelworkers in the Mon Valley has been an issue for decades but just this week, the chairman of US Steel announced layoffs and predicted more layoffs so a trade agreement now being debated in Washington takes on high priority.


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Nearly $2 Billion In Unclaimed Money Owed To Pennsylvanians

The state treasurer returned more than $17,000 in unclaimed property to the United Steelworkers today.


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Could Pennsylvania Be Next For Right To Work Legislation?

With Michigan, a strong union state, approving right to work Legislation opposed by organized labor, could Pennsylvania be next?


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Push On To Buy American During Shopping Season

What does patriotic music have to do with Black Friday? A lot, say advocates for American manufacturing from all sides of the political spectrum.