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Passengers Cautiously Optimistic Over Airline Merger

American Airlines and US Airways are now one company and the value of the merger is around $11 billion.


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American Airlines, US Airways To Merge

American Airlines and US Airways will merge and create the world’s biggest airline. The boards of both companies approved the merger late Wednesday, according to four people close to the situation.


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Turbulence, Caused By High Winds, Sickens US Airways Passengers

The high winds caused turbulence that sickened several US Airways passengers on a flight from Phoenix that was diverted before landing in Pittsburgh. So many people became physically sick on US Airways Flight 632 that they had to remove those passengers while they cleaned the aircraft.


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Pittsburgh International Airport: A Victim Of 9/11?

When the Midfield Terminal of Pittsburgh International Airport opened in October of 1992 it was the dawning of a new age of aviation for the region.


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US Airways Captain Smells Smoke On Flight To Pittsburgh

Firefighters and paramedics met a US Airways flight in Pittsburgh after the captain smelled smoke in the flight deck.


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Allegheny County Police Called For Alleged Stowaway

A US Airways mechanic who allegedly stowed away on a plane was taken by Allegheny County Police for a psychiatric evaluation after landing in Pittsburgh.


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Consumer Reports Rates Top Airlines, Car Rental Companies

Consumer Reports recently took a look at airlines and rental car companies to see which ones are the best and worst.


The flight arrived in Pittsburgh around 7 p.m. Thursday.

Possible Bird Strike Lands Pittsburgh-Bound Flight

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A flight to Pittsburgh was cut short after a possible bird strike. US Airways Flight 739, carrying about 140 passengers, took off from Philadelphia, but it was back on the ground 15 […]