Veteran’s Bridge

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Passengers Shaken Up When Gateway Clipper Boat Hits Veterans Bridge Pier

One person was checked for injuries and more than 100 passengers were shaken up when one of the Gateway Clipper Fleet boats struck the Veterans Bridge Friday evening.


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Hundreds Roll Out To The Strip For Annual Bocce Ball Tournament

Hundreds of people showed up in the Strip District Saturday afternoon for the fourth annual Bocce Tournament.


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Liberty Tunnel Incidents Damage 4 Cars, Injure 2

A series of events led to damage to four vehicles and two people being sent to the hospital in ambulances.


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Motorcyclist Crashes On Vets Bridge

A motorcyclist is in the hospital after a crash on the Veterans Bridge.


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Crosstown Ramp Closed This Weekend

Weekend drivers won’t be able to access Bigelow Boulevard via the Veteran’s Bridge ramp.


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Route 28 Ramp Closure Could Cause More Traffic Headaches

The inbound ramp from Route 28 to the Veterans Bridge is closing this evening and it could impact more than just the drivers who use 28.


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Morning Commuters Hampered By Veterans Bridge Work

The Tuesday morning commute was not a smooth one for thousands of drivers. The ramp to Route 28 will be closed for more than two weeks, which means commuters will have to follow detours or find a new way in and out of town.


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Ramp To NB Route 28 From Veterans Bridge To Close

Work on the Veterans Bridge is expected to impact rush hour. Two of the lanes on the bridge northbound will close overnight for resurfacing work, leaving just one open for morning traffic.


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PennDOT Announces 2012 Road Construction Plans

PennDOT is gearing up for dozens of projects in 2012 that are sure to cause some headaches for drivers.


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Accident Causes Early Morning Backups On Crosstown Boulevard

An accident caused some heavy backups early this morning in Downtown Pittsburgh.


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Tractor Trailer Jams Traffic On Route 28

The truck got hung up on the northbound side at the 40th Street Bridge and is blocking traffic.