Vitamin D

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Vitamin D: Good For Pregnancy?

Vitamin D is thought to be good for the bones, and good for the heart.


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Vitamin D & Calcium Are A Bust For Joint Pain

Lots of people have joint pain. Bones make up the joints. Could Vitamin D and calcium, which are good for the bones, help?


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New Study Finds Link Between Vitamin D And Fibroids

Fibroids are very common. Vitamin D deficiency is also very common.


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New Study Suggests Limit On Milk Consumption For Kids

Many parents give their children milk because it’s loaded with vitamins that can keep the brain and bones healthy. However, a new study shows there should be a limit.


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New Study Aims To Determine Relation Between Vitamins & Asthma

Are vitamins and asthma related? Previous studies show that lung function is worse in asthmatic children with a vitamin D deficiency, even when treated with inhaled steroids.


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Government Panel Reviews Studies On Vitamin D, Calcium

Should women take vitamin D and calcium? A government panel that makes recommendations about best prevention practices has examined 137 studies, including some designed to establish cause and effect.


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Can Vitamin D Help Asthma Sufferers?

Local asthma researchers want to see if vitamin D along with inhaled steroids will help decrease symptoms.


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Vitamin May Guard Against Macular Degeneration

New research reveals that Vitamin D may help protect women from a leading cause of blindness, macular degeneration.