Cold Temperatures Cause Widespread School Closings & DelaysSingle digit temperatures can be dangerous for the elderly and children, who are the most susceptible to the cold.
Winter Storm Brings Bone-Chilling Temperatures, High WindsThe winter storm that gave much of Pennsylvania a fresh coat of snow is now bringing bone-chilling temperatures and high winds.
New Storm Prompts Weather, Wind Chill, High Wind AdvisoriesForecasters are warning Pennsylvania residents that another blast of winter weather could bring high winds and frigid temperatures.
Extreme Cold Continues Through The WeekendDon’t let the clear, sunny skies fool you – it’s still freezing outside.
Road Crews Bracing For Latest Winter StormPlows and salt trucks are going to be very busy starting later tonight as the latest winter storm makes its presence known.
Latest Round Of Snow Could Impact Afternoon CommuteOur next round of wintry weather will arrive later today and could impact the afternoon commute.
More Snow Closing In Fast On RegionWe are tracking another winter storm, which will arrive Tuesday evening and extend into Wednesday.
Changing Weather Expected For Remainder Of WeekThe days ahead will feature a lot of changeability in the weather. Today, some bursts of lake-effect snow will be troublesome through late morning.
Cold Weather Persists, Snow Around The Corner The extreme cold weather will persist through Wednesday.
Temperatures Continue To Drop Some light snow showers are expected overnight and light winds will bring already cold temperatures down even more.

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