Winter Weather Advisory

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Winter Weather Advisory Issued For Tuesday Morning

A winter weather advisory has been issued for the Pittsburgh area beginning Tuesday morning.


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Snow, Colder Temperatures Moving Into Area

The pleasant temperatures we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of days were just a glimpse of what is hopefully to come.


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Southern Counties Hit Hardest By Winter Storm

The region was bracing for a big snowstorm yesterday, but that storm veered further south than expected.


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Winter Storm Warning Issued As Winter Storm Moves In

The weekend started off calm, there was even sunshine and milder temperatures, but that’s all over now as a winter storm barrels into the area.


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Overnight Snow Leaves Messy Roads

Yet another round of snow moved across the area overnight and into late Saturday morning.


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Warnings, Advisories In Effect As Winter Storm Moves In

A major winter storm is slamming the east coast. Parts of our area are getting the full brunt of the storm, while others have barely seen any effects.


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Light Snow Expected Overnight

A winter weather advisory has been issued for southern Pennsylvania.


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Cold Weather To Blame For Delays, Water Main Breaks

The extreme cold caused several problems Tuesday. The cold weather is being blamed for delays on the Port Authority’s light rail system as well as water main breaks across the area.


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Schools Closed, Warming Centers Open Due To Extreme Cold

People around the area are taking the frigid weather very seriously and many schools around the area are closed today.


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Deep Freeze To Set In Monday For Pittsburgh Area

Get ready to go back into the deep freeze in the Pittsburgh area.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Sub-Zero Temperatures Expected Monday

The bitter cold temperatures will continue to fall over the next couple of days.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Snow Causes Whiteout Conditions On Local Roads

Here we go again. Everywhere you look, winter has really left its mark.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Temperatures Plummet As Another Arctic Blast Moves In

This latest winter blast just won’t let up.


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Snow This Weekend, Then Dangerously Cold Temps Settle Over Region

It’s been a long week of bitterly cold winter weather, but it looks like the worst is yet to come in the form of snow this weekend and another icy blast of air early next week.


(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Snow, High Winds Expected To Impact Weekend

With the extreme cold refusing to leave, another round of potentially significant snow is closing in on the area.





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