5 Steps To Organize Your Pittsburgh Media Cabinet

June 20, 2012 3:00 AM

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With all of the older homes in Pittsburgh, space is at a premium. Organizing helps you keep the peace within the family and often helps you keep your sanity. The home entertainment center is the hub of your family’s multi-media activities, but all too often it ends up as the catchall for everything including electronic manuals, knick knacks and games. Here are a few tips to help organize your home entertainment center.

Step 1: Assess your current center. Decide if the entertainment center you currently have is sufficient for your needs. As flat screen televisions have become the norm in most homes, many haven’t upgraded their entertainment centers to accommodate this change. You may be able to wall mount your flat-screen and upgrade to an entertainment center more suited for your current needs. This will both save space in the room and provide adequate storage room.

Step 2: Remove everything. Get rid of anything you no longer use by selling or donating these items. Unless you are actually still using your VCR, it is definitely time to get rid of all the VHS tapes you’ve been holding onto. If the tapes are special or hold sentimental value (weddings, baby’s first steps or other special occasions), there are several different options to convert VHS tapes into DVDs. Walmart sells a product called Roxio Easy VHS to DVD that allows a do-it-yourself option. It has the added bonus of converting LP records to CDs as well. If you aren’t the most technically savvy person, go to a local store and have them do it for you. This process will not only help organization, but will preserve these converted videos in a more sustaining form. You don’t want to lose those precious memories forever.

Step 3: Do a thorough cleaning while it is completely empty. Entertainment centers seem to be dust magnets, so be sure to clean all the little nooks and crannies as well as the back of the center, where the biggest dust bunnies like to hide. Make sure to dust all the electronic devices and cords with the appropriate cleaning cloth recommended for each item.

Step 4: Put all electronics back into their appropriate cases. Organize CDs, DVDs and games so you can find them easily and quickly. Put similar items into storage boxes or baskets with labels describing the contents. Stack them on the shelves. Consider storage boxes, baskets and containers that will match your decor and style.

Step 5: Organize all electrical cords. Not only are they unsightly and hard to keep clean, but they can also be a safety hazard. Untangle all electronic cords. Then reattach. Use an electrical-cord organizer to keep your cords neat and safe. Be sure to plug everything into a surge protector that is then plugged into the electrical outlet in the wall. There are many different cord organizers to choose from either online or at local hardware stores.

The following local businesses may be able to help you get started:

Discover Organizing
366 Atlanta Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
(412) 244-3450

Discover Organizing will provide great organization options when you find yourself at a loss. Utilize their consulting service and also browse their various storage options on their online shop.

Miller Ace Hardware Store
237 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
(412) 431-8219

The Miller Ace Hardware store will have every tool you need to accommodate electronic organization.

Rewind Memories
2002 Murray Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 206-9405

Rewind Memories will transform all of your old VHS tapes to DVDs. They can ensure a more quality and sustainable means for holding onto cherished memories.

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