Ask A Pittsburgh Expert: Dressing For Work During The Summer Heat

May 27, 2014 8:00 AM

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clothing thinkstock Ask A Pittsburgh Expert: Dressing For Work During The Summer Heat

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Deciding what to wear to work in the summer can be tricky. You want to look professional without feeling stuffy and hot all day. Much of what you wear to work in hot weather will have to do with your company’s dress code. Perhaps at your office pantyhose or closed-toe shoes are a must while some offices may allow strappy sandals and bare legs. Whatever your dress code, here are some great tips from ModCloth Stylist Amy Hirt that will help you feel cool and stylish, even in the summer heat.

Amy Hirt

Amy is a communications media graduate and a current stylist on Pittsburgh-based ModCloth’s creative team. She is a Pittsburgh native and is now based in the Los Angeles area assisting campaign shoots and leading the ModStylist brand. Her experience includes personal styling with customers as well as on models, still life and video styling. You can find her on ModCloth’s video page for styling advice on current trends. Amy was kind enough to share her advice for dressing professionally during the hot Pittsburgh summer.

Layer To Make It Modern

Layer a printed blouse underneath to make it appropriate for the office. Sometimes sleeveless comes off as as a little too relaxed. Layering a blouse under your dress makes it more work ready and can add color and interest to your outfit. You can roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved blouse to get down to business or try a short-sleeved blouse with puffed sleeves for a cute, feminine vibe.

Invest In A Bright Trench Or Bag

Even if you have a conservative dress code or uniform, these pieces will bring a sunny burst to your wardrobe. A sunny trench on those rainy days will brighten up your outfit and combat the clouds. Even if the go-to style in your office is navy or beige, a bright bag will scream summer even in the most sombre of board rooms. A unique color adds polish to your wardrobe and these pieces can easily be left in your own space if the day really calls for conservative dress.

Try A Blazer Or Cardigan Over Your Favorite Summer Dress

It may be hot outside, but most likely the air conditioner is cranked up in your office. A jacket or cardigan will help ward off the office chill, add a professional polish to your outfit and you can take it off when you step outside. Instead of basic black, try mustard, teal or even a pink shade. Have fun with color.

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Accessorize To Stay Seasonal

Does the humidity have your hair looking frizzy? Add sophistication with a trendy top knot or bun for work. Bonus: this chic hairstyle will keep you looking and feeling cool on a hot days. Summer is a great time to experiment with some fun jewelry, too. A statement necklace can add flair to any outfit. Layer a colorful one over your work button-up to create a fresh, polished look.

Mix Prints For A Fun Summer Look

Try mixing prints for a fun summer look. Just keep the colors similar to avoid clashing too much. Polka dots or stripes mixed with a floral print is a great start. You can also try a larger and smaller floral pattern in the same color family together, larger and smaller stripes or larger and smaller dots. Keep accessories and print backgrounds neutral to avoid an outfit that looks too funky.

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