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August 24, 2011 6:00 AM

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(Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

By Christine Mouser

Pittsburgh has more than its fair share of shops that offer some delectable, homemade doughnuts. Stop by any of these sweet shops to fulfill that doughnut craving of yours — you won’t regret it!


5525 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15232
(412) 621-2092
Hours: Tues-Sat, 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sun, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
438 Market Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
(412) 471-6861
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Sat, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
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If there was ever a bakery institution in Pittsburgh, then this is it. This isn’t your brand new, state-of-the-art pastry shop. In fact, this German-influenced shop is old-school, delivering products that have been crazy-popular for decades. While they have plenty of mouth-watering options to choose from (like their Burnt Almond Torte and lady fingers), let’s stick to another highlight of Prantl’s — their donuts. Tradition seems to be the cornerstone of the place, as they continue to make their donuts the old-fashioned way, flipping the donuts with chopsticks! And there’s plenty of different options, such as the Danish dough donuts, raised donuts and the traditional cake donuts. Depending on what floats your boat, you can purchase ones filled with fruit, buttercream icing or custard, or if you’re feeling minimalistic, head for the glaze or icing toppings.

Peace, Love and Little Donuts

963 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
2018 Smallman St.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.; Sat, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Sun, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
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If their slogan “Feed Your Inner Hippie” gives you any indication of what kind of place this is, then you know you’re in for a real treat. This unique family-owned and operated shop creates little and mini donuts, packed with some big flavor. The shop sells the little donuts (which are bigger than the mini ones) in the morning, and then they switch to selling the mini ones after 11 a.m. Their little donuts are named after every hippie term you can think of and wish you could forget. But they do have a pretty groovy menu going on here: a Funkadelic donut with frosting plus any of the various toppings, such as Oreo, coconut, jimmies, chocolate morsels, cereal toppings and more; or their Far Out Dozen, with donuts frosted with vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, maple strawberry and orange. The Mini’s also feature some of their Far Out Frostings and Groovy Toppings. Check their website for specials!

Oram’s Donut Shop

1406 7th Ave.
Beaver Falls, Pa. 15010
(724) 846-1504
Hours: Mon-Sat, 5 a.m. – 2 p.m.
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If a donut shop has been in business for over 70 years, there’s no question they know what they’re doing — and what they’re doing is donuts the right way. For Oram’s, the focus isn’t on the current donut trend or offering the largest menu. Instead, their mission is to continue providing high quality products to customers. Their menu features traditional filled donuts, with selections such as crème, custard, black raspberry, blueberry and lemon. And they’ve also got raised donuts and vanilla and chocolate cake donuts. But their most popular donut is their delicious cinnamon rolls that require two hands to eat. These huge creations would normally cost double what this local shop is charging, a mere $1.10 a piece. But for Oram’s Donut Shop, pleasing the customer seems to be just another one of their traditions.

oakmontbakery Best Donuts In Pittsburgh


Oakmont Bakery

531 Allegheny Ave.
Oakmont, PA 15139
(412) 826-1606
Hours: Mon-Sat, 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sun, 6 a.m. – 3 p.m.
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For over 20 years, Oakmont Bakery has been a favorite of many Pittsburghers looking for that delicious slice of heaven in the form of coffee cakes, cupcakes, cookies and most importantly, donuts. Just by glancing at their menu, you can tell that this bakery doesn’t do anything small. In fact, there are seven different varieties of cinnamon rolls! (Who knew there were even that many?) They have over 30 different types of donuts ranging from the most basic (chocolate iced) to something a little more filling (Boston cream donut). Oh yeah, and they even have Long John’s, a long, skinny donut that comes iced, sprinkled or filled. Plan on making quite a few stops to this beloved bakery to try everything on their menu — it might take a while.

Kretchmar’s Bakery

664 Third Street
Beaver, Pa. 15009
(724) 774-2324
Hours: 5 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Reviews, Directions & More Info:
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Kretchmar’s Bakery opened its doors over 50 years ago and ever since then, it doesn’t seem to have slowed down. Kretchmar’s has a huge menu ranging from breads, tarts, pies, pastries and more. And you can’t forget the donuts, a crowd favorite which means you’ve definitely got to get there early. This bakery has got quite a mixture of donuts that is sure to please just about any palate. If you’re a fruit fanatic, try their apple or apricot filled creations. Or if you’re more of a Bavarian Crème connoisseur, they’ve got that on hand too. Churros and cruellers also grace the menu, offering eager eaters two different styles of donuts that aren’t seen at just any shop. Be sure to check out their other options because for donuts less than a dollar, you’ll have plenty left over to splurge on.

Carol’s Pastry Shop

142 S Main St.
Zelienople, Pa. 16063
(724) 452-7920
Hours: Tues-Fri, 5:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.; Sat, 5:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Reviews, Directions & More Info:
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Just north of Pittsburgh, Zelienople, Pennsylvania has a great bakery that is definitely worth the half-hour trip for donuts. Carol’s Pastry Shop opened in 1974, and ever since then, they’ve given customers exactly what they wanted. In fact, they even had to move a few years ago for extra space. Their donuts are made on-site daily in a variety of different options — cake donuts, iced raised, glazed, chocolate and vanilla cream filled, raspberry filled and Boston Cream-filled, with their most popular items being the fried cinnamon donut and apple fritters. But don’t go home with just some donuts — they’ve got plenty of other baked goods that will surely hit that sweet spot of yours.

Christine Mouser is currently living in the Pittsburgh area, where she is an editorial intern for Pittsburgh Magazine. She is set to graduate from Penn State University this summer, with a degree in print journalism. She has written for, Town&Gown magazine and Penn State’s Valley magazine.

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  • Anonymous

    Schorr’s donuts in West View are by far the best donuts in Pittsburgh

    • beth

      PADDY CAKE in Bloomfild is better then all that JuNKe

      • lyn

        100% true

  • lek

    Tim hortons

    • chris

      tim’s? really?
      you’ll notice these are all NON CHAINS.
      places like Tim’s and Dunkin Donuts here in New England are donut mills, cranking out bland, boring, un-fun, circles of carbosugar nothingness.

      these places are all unique and wonderful. I’m partial to Orem’s and Kretchmar’s

  • Gino

    Where’s Moio’s?

    • Grace Giordano

      moios is in monroeville pa,,across the highway from lowes

    • Billie

      Moio’s don’t sell dounts!!! Idiot!

  • The Kaczmarek Family

    Nowalk’s Daily Grind (Coffee Shop) in Plum Borough, PA gets our vote for the best donuts in the Pittsburgh area!

    • Amy

      Agree! Nowalk’s donuts are the best around!!!

  • TheBeav


  • ken

    Kullman’s in Mt. Oliver has the best donuts. They are the kind mom used to buy you at the corner bakery.

    • Linda

      You are absolutely right about Kullman’s.
      They are the best.

  • funkboy

    What about A&B Donuts?

  • Sue

    Schorr’s Bakery on Perrysville Avenue, The Best!!!!

    • Tammy

      YES!! Schorrs Rocks!

  • Juliann

    Definitely the Better-Maid Donut Co. on Steuben Street!!!! The little pink house!

    • Mike

      I co-sign this one!!!!

  • cookeee

    Dave Terrace Bakery in Baldwin

  • SenecaPartner

    ‘America Runs on Dunkin’

  • LORI


  • db

    Duncan Donuts will smoke any other place

  • Ryan

    WHERe IS KRIBELS AND PARTY-CAKE IN BROOKLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Brookline,Pittsburgh,PA)

  • Roz

    Big Daddys Donuts on Noble Ave in Crafton is not on this list????? Well this list list in no good if the best Non chain donut shop in town is not on the list.

  • Ann

    Dave’s Terrace Bakery is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Better Made

    The Better Made Donut on Steuben street are by far the best donuts I have ever eaten!! They only make so many, and when they sell out for the day, they close. Gotta get up early some days.

  • Jtrain


  • Jtrain

    Give the man some love @ Better Made! Up at the crack of dawn, by himself making the BEST donuts in town! Little pink house on Stuben St. Get there!

  • michelle

    orams …no other compares

  • Cheswick

    Even thin, health nuts enjoy a donut. Get over yourself. You’re probably a gym rat. FYI….people think that looks stupid too.

    Everything in moderation as mom used to say. I’m a size 2 and LOVE a good donut occasionally. Thanks for posting everyone. Lots of donut shops I’ve never heard of and will have to try!


    Better Made is by far the best doughnut place in the burgh. Get to it or miss out! MORE FOR US!

  • Carmon Pomaibo

    Better Maid Donuts on Steuben Street in the West End are by far the very best in the city. Their donut holes are to die for!!

  • Fred

    Im not a donut conneiseur but I enjoyed mac’s .

  • Kelly E.

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    We are curly hair experts and DevaCurl specialist.

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