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June 25, 2011 6:00 AM

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Some consider a properly made sushi roll to be an art form, and there are some places in Pittsburgh that have it down to a science. Here are some of the top places to find sushi in the ‘Burgh.
nakama2 Best Sushi In Pittsburgh


Nakama Japanese Steak House

1611 East Carson Street; South Side

KDKA’s staff overwhelmingly chose Nakama as their favorite sushi spot in Pittsburgh. The restaurant has won quite a few awards over the years. KDKA staffers say, “So many new variations of traditional sushi favorites!” and “Great for Happy Hour!”

Little Tokyo

636 Washington Road; Mt. Lebanon
(412) 344-4366

This restaurant specializes in sushi, hibachi, tempura, teriyaki udon noodles and appetizers. Locals know it as “Frank’s Place,” and are thrilled to have superb sushi in a welcoming atmosphere. The owner is so friendly that one KDKA staffer says, “Frank is always smiling!”

Tamari Restaurant and Lounge

3519 Butler Street; Lawrenceville
(412) 325-3435

Tamari was voted one of the 25 best restaurants by Pittsburgh Magazine. The restaurant offers a blend of Asian and Latin cuisine. One member of the KDKA staff says, “I love this place! Fantastic rolls! My favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh!”

Umi Restaurant

5849 Ellsworth Ave
(412) 362-6198

This restaurant attracts everyday Joe’s and local stars alike. One KDKA staffer says, “I first heard about this [place] in Ryan Whitney’s Penguins bio as his favorite Pittsburgh restaurant. Now I see why.” Umi offers several different types of sushi – something for everyone.

Penn Avenue Fish Company

2208 Penn Avenue; Strip District
(412) 434-7200

“Best anywhere!” said one KDKA staffer when asked where they go for sushi. Known for its fresh seafood, this restaurant has every kind imaginable, including special dinner nights like “Sushi Wednesdays,” where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat sushi for just $17.99.

Sushi Kim

1241 Penn Avenue; Strip District
(412) 281-9956

Also in the Strip District, Sushi Kim offers great sushi with a unique atmosphere. Patrons love the location and say it offers great specials. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Jimmy Wan’s

Cranberry Township
1686 Route 228
(724) 778-8978

Fox Chapel
1337 Old Freeport Road
(412) 968-0848

This restaurant specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine; their website says they try to incorporate Chinese, Japanese and French styles into their food. Fans love the sushi bar, and they have an extensive wine and sake list. One KDKA staffer says, “Try it. Only then will you have tasted the very best, and you will know it from the first bite!”

Osaka Sushi & Chinese Restaurant

2101 Greentree Road; Scott Township

One KDKA staff member calls this their favorite restaurant. Patrons love the big portions and the small prices. The sushi is fresh and the staff is friendly.

Pittsburgh Magazine voted the “Friday Roll” at Chaya Japanese Cuisine as the best sushi roll around. The roll is lightly coated with tempura batter and fried. Want to give it a try? You can find Chaya Japanese Cuisine at 2104 Murray Ave. in Squirrel Hill.

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  • Kevin

    a horrible article.

    why not just write…”Google “sushi pittsburgh” and then go to them all.”


    Umi is the best though.

  • Alan M. Masecar Sr.

    CHAYA. It not being mentioned here makes this article ridiculous. I have had better sushi at Chaya than New York and San Fran. Sound unbelievable? Just go. Murray Avenue, Squirrel Hill. They know what they are doing.

    • Matt

      I particularly like how Chaya prepares the sushi in the correct sizes. Most local (and American) sushi restaurants make the pieces much too large to eat elegantly in one bite. It’s not supposed to be a sandwich.

    • Kaitlyn

      I agree. I have been to Tokyo in the past year and Chaya is the only sushi place in the ‘burgh that has come the closest in terms of quality to sushi in Japan. Not to mention, they have more of an authentic variety that you will not find in at many sushi restaurants, like chutoro and toro.

    • Becky

      I agree Alan!

  • deafroadie

    havent u guys go to sushi too in the southside??

  • reconstructingideas

    Nakama Japanese Steak House is horrid, I don’t understand what the attraction is, the only thing I can think is it’s in the heart of South side. I mean try it, read reviews, it’s terrible. I think Penn Ave has amazing sushi as well as Plum in East Liberty.

    • Peoples Comic

      I agree. That place is like a club. More people getting drunk than eating Sushi.


      Completely AGREED!!! My husband & I recently went there because of all of the “Best Sushi” awards and it was terrible!! I mean It’s nothing more than an upscale bar. Instead of eating pretzels and fried food you eat sushi while you get drunk. There’s hardly no table seating, all bar seating for sushi. You have to literally fight for a seat and it is very loud. That’s not how I like to enjoy a nice quite sushi dinner.

    • Dave

      I absolutely agree. Everyone rants and raves over Nakama simply because it is the place where local celerities vistit often. People go there to be “seen.” The walls of windows and the feeling of ” I am important because I can be seen” is the attraction of Nakama, not the food. Having been there a few times, the service was lousy and there is far better sushi to be had in Pittsburgh.

  • Peoples Comic

    I`ve ate at a few of these place and I like Sushi Kim the best.

  • Jake

    Koto Buki in North Park should definitely be on the list

  • Ted

    Have been to a number of these and I must echo several others–Chaya is the one sushi restaurant in Pittsburgh that could hold its own anywhere in the country. The quality of the fish and the authenticity of the overall preparation and presentation is unmatched around here. Others might have a different view but leaving it off the list altogether is absurd.

  • smelzfishyroundhere

    Just like anything else; it’s a popularity contest. I agree with comments on Nakama being over rated. Been a long time but Kiku in station square is also a place to visit. The sushi chef has had lengthy write ups in the paper. A true master of Japanese cuisine, not someone of any Asian influence put behind a counter and then assumed to be legit.

  • Adrian

    Count me as a vote for Kiku, too.

    We are never disappointed there. Great sushi. I don’t quite understand why they don’t make these lists.

    • Anonymous

      I love Kiku I think it just needs to get itself out there because they have wonderful food.

  • Mon River Towing

    Pho-Kim 88 in Castle Shannon serves great sushi. Hibachi, noodles, really all their food is yummy and priced reasonably. The PhoKim soup is what keeps me coming back though.

  • Courtney

    What about the West! Ya Fei’s in Robinson Towne Center has great sushi and food! Very underrated, but soooo good! It’s my top pick every time!

  • Southside Joe

    Nakama is always looking to stuff ballot boxes around here

  • Maxwell Fossett

    My personal favorite sushi list as of April 1, 2011

    1 .Sakura Teppanyaki

    2. Sesame Inn

    3. Empire Palace

    4. Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant

    5. Nakama

    6. Naked Fish – Salt Lake City

    7. Sushi II

    9. Sushi Tomo

    9. Andy’s Sushi Bar

    10. Yokoso

    11. Tokyo Sushi

  • Fife

    Pan Asia off of 51 in the southhills in West Mifflin has some great sushi and great Japanese/Chinese cuisine. Great staff and good atmosphere.

  • Dave

    Sushi Tomo can hold its own with anyone and is one of the better priced places listed

  • Gilli

    Nakama is garbage – gas station sushi right there. Yinz crazy, WTAE

  • meh

    Giant Eagle sushi is better than Nagama for cripes sake

  • SS

    Osaka is one of our favorites…also The Fish Market at The Westin.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget Andy’s Sushi in the Strip!

  • Anonymous

    Nakama is the worst ever!!! Crowded, Terrible Food, Service….nothing good about the place. If you want great Sushi, cool atmosphere, BYOB go to Fuji Sushi in Robinson off of RT60.

  • Lacey

    off topic sort of , but what do you guys recomend for someone who wants to try sushi but is allergice to shellfish ?

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