DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keara At SouthSide Works

June 25, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr pittsburgh DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keara At SouthSide Works

“She’s a lot like me. She is cute, energetic and a lot of fun.”

The Ride
The Driver: Keara
Car in Question: White 2010 Kia Forte
Spotted at: SouthSide Works, South 27th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Odometer: 4,823
Car’s Nickname: Lola


Q: Great Kia! How long have you had her?

A: Since March this year. I had a 1997 Chevy Cavalier. It was pretty old and beat up. I do a lot of traveling between Pittsburgh and Ohio, so I needed something newer and more dependable.

Q: Where do you travel in Ohio and why?

A: That’s where I’m from. I live in Pittsburgh, but I’m originally from Martins Ferry. My family is there. It’s about an hour and a half drive from here.

Q: How long have you lived in Pittsburgh?

A: A little over a year.

Q: Ah, you’re still pretty new to the area. So is driving in Pittsburgh a lot different than driving in Martins Ferry?

A: Oh yeah. There are a lot of country roads in Martins Ferry. The only time I ever had to get on the highway was when I went to the mall. There are a lot more city roads here, a lot more traffic and a lot more construction. There are train stops and one way streets that go one way here and then on the way there. We don’t have all that in Martins Ferry.

Q: Does your car have a name or nickname?

A: Lola. She looks like a Lola.

Q: Are there any rules in Lola?

A: I quit smoking, so I’d rather people not smoke in the car. It doesn’t bother me too bad if they do, but I’d prefer they didn’t. I finally got the cigarette smell out of the car. I don’t really want the car to smell like smoke anymore. But that’s not gonna work with my boyfriend. He still smokes in it all the time.

Q: Awesome. So I noticed that you have a sunroof. Do you drive with it open a lot?

A: Yeah. It’s my favorite. When I got the car, there was another vehicle I could have chosen that was a little cheaper because it didn’t have a sunroof. But I picked this one because I really liked the sunroof. My first car was a 1987 Honda Accord, the kind with the flip-up headlights. It had a sunroof that decided it wanted to rain on me. It was a power one, but it leaked. This one hasn’t rained on me, and I’m hoping it doesn’t.

Q: That makes sense. So finally, tell us what initially attracted you to the Kia Forte.

A: When I was at the Kia dealership, they showed me a lot of different cars. Then they showed me the Forte and told me to take it for a test drive. I came back from the test drive and said, “I like it.” Then I test drove a couple other cars, but I liked the Kia better. I went around from place to place looking at different makes. The Kia was the first one that I test drove. After that, I test drove the Chevy Cruise, and it was similar but I felt like the Kia had just a little bit more room. I ended up eliminating one after another and kept going back to the Kia, so I figured it must be the right car for me.

Photos and interview by Sarah Beth Martin

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