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Summer Fairs & Festivals

June 27, 2011 5:46 PM

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(Source: KDKA)

(Source: KDKA)

bigbutlerfair Summer Fairs & Festivals

(Source: KDKA)

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Summertime is the time for county fairs: midways, rides, games, and contests; exhibits, horse and animal shows; live music, actors, and entertainers; drawings and bingo games; dinner, refreshments, carnival treats, and candies; parades and awards; tractor and truck pulls; demolition derbies; and petting zoos. There really is something for everyone at a fair. It’s not only a good time to meet and greet your neighbors; it’s a great excuse to explore neighboring communities as well. Here are some upcoming local fairs.

Armstrong County

Event: Dayton Fair
Where: 104 Fairground Road; Dayton PA, 16222
Date: August 15-20, 2011
Phone: 814-257-8332
Website: www.daytonfair.com

Beaver County

Event: Hookstown Fair
Where: 1198 State Route 168; Hookstown, PA 15050
Date: August 23-27, 2011
Phone: (724) 573-4512
Website: www.hookstownfair.com

Event: Big Knob Grange Fair
Where: 336 Grange Road, New Sewickley Township, Rochester, PA 15074
Date: August 30-September 3, 2011
Phone: (724) 774-7093
Website: www.bigknobgrangefair.org

Butler County

Event: Butler Fair
Where: Big Butler Fairgrounds, 1127 New Castle Road, Prospect, PA 16052
Date: July 1-9, 2011
Phone: (724) 865-2400
Website: bigbutlerfair.com

Event: Butler Farm Show
Where: 625 Evans City Road, Butler, PA 16001
Date: August 8-13, 2011
Phone: 724-482-4000
Website: www.butlerfarmshow.com

Fayette County

Event: Fayette County Fair
Where: 132 Pechin Road, Dunbar, PA 15431
Date: July 28-August 6, 2011
Phone: (724) 628-3360
Website: www.fayettefair.com

Event: Mountain Area Fair
Where: Farmington Volunteer Fire Department Fairgrounds
Date: August 8-13, 2011
Phone: (724) 329-5513
Website: www.mtareafair.com

Event: Dawson Grange #419 Community Fair
Where: 911 Banning Road, Dawson, PA 15428
Date: August 8-13, 2011
Phone: (724) 736-2943

Event: Bullskin Township Community Fair
Where: Bullskin Fairgrounds, Route 982, Wooddale, PA
Date: August 14-20, 2011
Phone: (724) 547-4268; (724) 887-8138

Greene County

Event: Jacktown Fair
Where: Rt. 21 W at Wind Ridge, PA (approx. 20 miles west of Waynesburg)
Date: July 19-23, 2011
Phone: (724) 428-3637 (Buck Burns)
Website: www.jacktownfair.org

Event: Greene County Fair
Where: Greene County Fairgrounds, 107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Date: August 7-13, 2011
Phone: (724) 627-4752
Website: www.greenecountyfair.org/

Lawrence County

Event: Lawrence County Fair
Where: Lawrence County Fairgrounds, Rt. 108 (across from Laurel High School), New Castle, PA
Date: August 15-20, 2011
Phone: (724) 654-7745
Website: www.LawrenceCountyFair.com

Washington County

Event: Washington County Ag Fair
Where: Washington County Fairgrounds, 2151 North Main Street, Washington, PA 15301
Date: August 13-20, 2011
Phone: (724) 225-7718
Website: www.washingtonfair.org

Event: West Alexander Fair
Where: 116 Rt. 40 W, West Alexander, PA 15376
Date: September 5-10, 2011
Website: www.westalexfair.com

Westmoreland County

Event: Derry Township Agricultural Fair
Where: Derry township Agricultural Fairgrounds, Rt. 982 N, New Derry, PA 15671
Date: July 10-16, 2011
Phone: (724) 459-7018
Website: www.derrytwpagfair.com

Event: Sewickley Township Community Fair
Where: West Newton, PA
Date: July 18-23, 2011
Phone: (724) 872-8741
Website: Sewickley Twp Community Fair on Facebook

Event: Westmoreland Fair
Where: Westmoreland Fairgrounds, 123 Blue Ribbon Lane, Pleasant Unity, PA 15676
Date: August 19-27, 2011
Phone: (724) 423-5005
Website: www.westmorelandfair.com

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