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Undercover Club Newsletter

Undercover Club Newsletter fans….if you are a subscriber….be sure to read page 16 of Undercover Club Newsletter #176—release date May 5th. There is important information on that page for you. If you pick up your newsletters at one of our sponsor outlets, be sure to get one this time and read page 16.

Also in Undercover Club Newsletter #176 find a nice collection of recipes: Pork Chops with Apples and Stuffing; Crab Puffs; Creamy Pineapple Coleslaw; Chocolate Italian Spice Cookies; Layered Crabmeat Spread; an Oatmeal Bake; Amish Pork Chops; Quick, Tasty Tomato Side Dish and more….

Among our Ten Exclusive Puzzles and Quizzes: Our popular Picture Puzzle; our famous and fun Scavenger Hunt; a very interesting Mirror Puzzle–you must use a mirror to solve it; The Heavenly Flower Shop Pun Puzzle; A Loose Vowels Puzzle with all Water-related answers; How much do you know about European Cuisine. Take the test in Undercover Club Newsletter #176.

Big fight and divorce filed in the Grouch’s neighborhood…read all about it in newsletter #176.

Feature articles include: Temple Bailey’s Parable of Motherhood. Truly a powerful message in this parable; For Father’s Day coming in June, Bob Logue recalls his dad’s kind and compassionate treatment of Bob’s knee injury during his teens. Flour Sack Dresses of the 1930′s; Meet two more very famous people, who were once homeless and refused to give up. An Ode To Golf all golfers will enjoy. Health News includes a way to possibly save oneself if we’re choking on food and alone. A tribute to a daughter…and daughter-n-law; How to properly read poetry….from a poet; Some Strange World War Two Facts. A Knot’s Prayer and more.

Jokes, household hints, inspirational articles, poetry, Kid’s Stuff and so much more. To subscribe to the Bob Logue Undercover Club Newsletter, send check or money order made payable to KDKA Radio; for $14 for one year — (10 24-page issues;) $27 for two years– (20 24-page issues.) Send your name and address or that of anyone you are buying a subscription for; along with your payment to: Newsletter, KDKA Radio, Foster Plaza Five, Pittsburgh, PA…15220.

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