PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Furminator. It claims to be the ultimate de-shedder. It says it will take out all that hair that ends up everywhere and for $36, it should, but does it really do that?

Sheri Santucci loves animals. When she’s not at home playing with her own animals, she’s at work as a vet’s assistant taking care of other people’s animals,

Like most of us, Sheri says she loves her pets, but could do without the flying fur.

“Definitely, considering I have three dogs and two cats. The hair gets everywhere. Yeah, especially the white hair,” Santucci said.

That’s where the Furminator comes in. It promises to reduce shedding better than any other brush, comb or rake. By removing the undercoat and loose hair, but does it really do that?

From the moment, the Furminator hits the fur, it starts taking out the undercoat. A lot more undercoat than we thought.

Although animals don’t always like de-shedders, Santucci’s pets didn’t seem to have any problems with this one.

Here’s the real test. How does it do on cats?

It does just as good a job on her cat and even it didn’t seem to mind the Furminator.

“I think it’s great, yeah. I think it’s a real time saver and works really well,” Santucci said.

At $36.99, is it worth the price?

“I think the price is worth it, really, divided by five pets it turns out to be a good deal,” Santucci said.

The Furminator gets a definite thumbs up. Santucci thinks it’s well worth the price. One word of warning though, you want to do this outside.

Or, if your pets don’t freak out at the sound, next to a vacuum cleaner because you get a huge amount of hair off your pets.

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