It’s Time To Wake Up!

Gregg wants to Wake Up all of those including Versus reporter Carissa Thompson who are still pronouncing the name of the Pens new home wrong….it’s not Con-Soul….it’s Con-SOL….it’s going to be here for awhile so Wake Up and pronounce it right!

Paul wants to Wake Up anyone who is even thinking about blaming last night’s loss on Marc-Andre Fleury….If you are gonna even think about it, don’t bring it here. He made a great save in the 3rd period last night and if the Pens would have come back and won the game he would have been the hero, so Wake Up and don’t even think about it!!!

Jim wants to wake up those tools who make stupid decisions with the way they drive and then the tools who get mad and do something stupid that causes a crash or a fender bender like he had last night. Wake Up and Don’t be a tool, pay attention to your driving!!!

josh miller 2 A Wake Up Call For The Marc Andre Fleury Haters

Josh Miller discusses the return of Big Ben and who will benefit most from it. Also….the latest info on the Steelers and the NFL.

krisletangdl1 A Wake Up Call For The Marc Andre Fleury Haters

ESPN Hockey Writer/ Analyst and NHL Live Host EJ Hradek joined the FAN Morning Show after the Opening night of the Hockey season. Hradek said it’s just one night and it’s not time to panic but there were some ugly parts of the game for the Pens last night but he feels that the team is better and will be able to turn it around. The Power play may struggle for awhile…’s up to Kris Letang to step up now.

The Week That Was

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It was another great week…..We look back at some of the better moments including the final John Russell song and his bid for a job at The Fan. Jim has trouble with a certain tweet and a crazy moment in one of our games….

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