It’s Time To Wake Up!

It was a weekend of losing in Pittsburgh so there are plenty of people who need to Wake Up!!!

Gregg wants to Wake Up Brett Favre. What is he thinking leaving these voicemails, and sending pictures of his junk to another woman in the age of technology? Wake Up, and realize you’re married, don’t ‘sext’ other women!

Paul wants to Wake Up anyone who could use the services of Daniel Puder. He is the mixed martial artist who will come to your school and take care of bullies for your children. Paul now has a respect for MMA.

Jim wants to Wake Up anyone who celebrates Columbus Day. We celebrate him for discovering America, but it was already discovered, He just showed up late to the party and took the credit. Wake Up and go about your business like it is any other day!!!

jaycaufield The FAN Morning Shows Wake Up Calls And More

FSN Penguins Studio Analyst Jay Caufield joins the FAN Morning Show to give us some perspective on the Penguins’ struggles in the first two games. He thinks the powerplay will be fine without Gonchar, but they have to get the puck to the net more and let it work out from there.

He also talks about injurys that can hamper a player as a season progresses, such as Crosby’s hip flexor. Finally, we get a look ahead to today’s late-afternoon matchup with the New Jersey Devils.

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