Gregg wants to wake up his co-worker Chris Mueller for leaving pizza and trash all over the place, he has some advice for Mueller, Don’t Be A Slob! Paul wants to wake up those fans that are rooting against Marc Fleury to fail, you can’t be a Penguin fan and root against Fleury. Hathorne wants to wake up the fans of Pitt Basketball and get excited since they are ranked in the Top of the preseason polls. A caller name Quest wants to wake up FSN Hockey announcers.

boomer esiason The Morning Sideshow

Former NFL QB and CBS NFL analyst Boomer Esiason joins the FAN Morning Show to talk about his comments on the The NFL Today last week. Boomer thinks the Steelers are one of the best teams in the league and should go far this season. Boomer never thought Harrison would retire. Boomer also said most of the players in league are good people but the media highlights all the bad one.

sid rosenberg The Morning Sideshow

Miami sports radio host calls into the FAN Morning Show to preview the Steelers vs. Dolphins game in Miami. Sid thinks the team has the franchise QB, but the media and fans don’t know. He also tells us a story of one of his best experiences in Pittsburgh.

Jim Colony goes in depth with Maurkice Pouncey and gives us his thoughts on whether there should be a playoff system in the NCAA. He doesn’t think Boise State should be ranked that high because they don’t play good teams every week like teams do in the SEC.

The guys recap the best segments of the past week.