A Beaver County mother is in police custody after she allegedly left her two young children home alone Wednesday night.

According to police, 21-year-old Jennifer Augustine left her two children home alone for at least an hour and a half around midnight.

The two boys are 3-weeks-old and 17-months-old.

Police were alerted to the unattended kids by anonymous phone calls. When police arrived at her Elm Road apartment in Ambridge, they couldn’t get into the apartment, so they broke in through a window.

Once inside, they found an old cell phone and made a call to Augustine.

“After we located her number, we placed a telephone call to her. She was shocked, she was confused, she didn’t know who we were, why we were asking about her children, why we were asking about her whereabouts. We then had to explain to her that, ‘We are the police, we’re at your house, with your children and you’re not here,'” Ambridge Police Patrolman Zadock Dismuke said.

After the phone conversation, it took Augustine 39 minutes to arrive back home.

She was then taken to the Beaver County Jail.

Police said she is not being cooperative as to where she was while her kids were home alone.

Police do know that she was at several different residences in Ambridge, but there are still questions about what she was doing.

As for what she told police, she said “I know, I know,” when she was told she should have been home with the kids.

She’s facing several charges including endangering the welfare of a child.