It’s Time To Wake Up!

Gregg wants to wake up his producer Joe Kapp after Joe took a nap and then when he woke up at 7PM but thought it was 7AM and his family was kidnapped. Paul wants to wake up the entire Steeler team except for Aaron Smith. Every year Smith left the team after an injury the team season went down hill, so now Paul wants the Steelers to come together and play as a team. Jim wants to wake up politicians who run negative ads, why don’t you tell us why we should vote for you and not vote for the other person.

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It is a Tweeting Thursday and Jim goes back to the Mr. Old Reliable, John Flowers for all of his tweet reads today. On the third one Gregg wanted to see if Jim could laugh again during reading his tweets, and he might have succeeded.

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Now it is Time To Get Frustrated with the FAN Morning Show as Gregg reveals the woman who will never have sex with anyone from the show. This weeks girl is Ashley Greene, an American actress.

thisorthat The Morning SideshowIt’s now time to play This or That, and the contestant is Ryan Sunseri, Tino Sunseri’s cousin as he tries to play for Pitt vs. Louisville tickets. Ryan has to determine whether the name is either a Roman Catholic Cardinal vs Louisville Cardinal.

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