With the Wolrd Series completed, it’s time to look ahead to next season as MLB general managers have arrived in Disney World for their annual meeting.

Topics to be discussed include:  salary arbitration, a slotting system for the MLB amateur draft and collective bargaining that will begin next year with the Players Association.

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig will also discuss the economics of baseball and warn against overspending as the MLB free agent season gets started.

Selig will speak with the general managers about expanding the playoffs from eight to ten teams by adding two more wild card spots.

MLBPA head Michael Weiner said the players were also open to expanding the playoffs.

Selig would like the playoff expansion to go into effect next year, but the 2012 season appears to be more likely.

The postseason last expanded in 1995 after players and owners voted for the change in 1993. The expansion was delayed because of the 1994 MLB strike.

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