West Virginia Mountaineers football head coach Bill Stewart talked to the Fan Morning Show about Backyard Brawl rivalry week. Stewart said this week is always a special week every year it comes around, not only because it is Pitt vs. WVU, but this game will have a factor in who wins the Big East championship.

Stewart talked about his defensive scheme and how it is tough for offenses to play against them and especially run against them. However, Stewart doesn’t see many big plays against either defense and it will come down to field position and special teams.

Gregg Giannotti and the Fan Morning Show love listening to Stewart during his press conferences and reading his tweets on his Twitter account and want to get a clarification on a saying that Stewart has, “Match The Mountains.”

Stewart tells us the story of how he came up with the phrase, what the phrase means, and now Stewart has the Fan Morning Show buying into it.

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