CBS Radio and Ram are saluting America’s Unsung Heroes. This week, we salute Bradley of Pittsburgh. Bradley serves in the Army and was nominated by Charlene of Pittsburgh.

My son served for six years in the army. He deployed twice to Iraq. During his first tour he was badly injured and received the Purple Heart. He stayed over there and continued to serve while injured. He did not want to leave his friends. He then deployed a second time to Iraq and that time he lost three men and one of them was closer to him than a brother. He served admirably and fought hard that day even with the loss of three men and captured the enemy. He returned home to bury his best friend. He is now retired at the age of 28 from injuries he received from his first tour. He was forced to medically retire due to a traumatic brain injury as well as a back injury. He served almost six years and earned all my family and friends respect for his service. My son deserves this. He is a huge Pittsburgh fan. Thank you for doing this for all the men and women who serve.

Bradley, thank you for your service.

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