GREENSBURG (KDKA) — State police in Greensburg will be saturating local malls during the Christmas shopping season this year.

You may not recognize them because they’ll be in plain clothes.

“We want people to realize that if you’re coming to Westmoreland County and you are going to be shopping, we’re doing everything we can to make your holiday shopping experience as safe as possible,” Trooper Stephen Limani said.

The extra police presence will also be in shopping centers and box stores. They’ll be looking for shoplifters, but also other suspicious activity like terrorists.

Malls are considered soft targets because they get large crowds and do not have secured entrances.

All of the officers will have special training in identifying terrorists.

Shoppers like the idea.

“I think it’s great,” Diana Suman said. “You never know who’s lurking out there ready to grab a purse.”

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