HARMAR (KDKA) — A Salvation Army volunteer says she may be out of a job because she isn’t raising enough money.

Kim Kenner, who has special needs, told KDKA-TV that her boss called her and said she wasn’t meeting her quota for donations.

She says he gave her an ultimatum.

Kenner: “If I don’t make my quota, they’re gonna let me go and I’m not allowed to work ever again.”

Griffin: “What’s your quota?”

Kenner: “They said $100.”

Griffin: “A hundred dollars?”

Kenner: “Or more.”

The Salvation Army is having a difficult fundraising season across the board. They released numbers Friday showing red kettle and mail-in donations are down substantially.

“He told me I wasn’t allowed to work no more,” Kenner said. “That to me is firing. How can you fire a volunteer?”

Kim says she begged for one last chance and was placed in Harmar Friday for a 10-hour shift and was told to raise $100 or more.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin called the phone number listed for bell ringers at the Salvation Army headquarters and did not identify himself as a reporter.

He was told there is no quota and that you are just expected to observe donations and not sell.

Meantime, the Salvation Army says it has thousands of volunteers in multiple regional centers and is investigating the claims of Kenner.

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