PORTERSVILLE (KDKA) – The temperatures are frigid and much of the Pittsburgh area is covered in a blanket of white as winter weather have moved into the region.

Areas to the north have already seen some significant snowfall, while dozens of schools were closed or delayed Monday morning and road crews were busy battling the snow.

One area of Butler County was hit pretty hard with lake effect snow.

The pictures from Portersville this morning looked more like a Christmas card than a scene from early December.

The community got hit Sunday night with lake effect snow and that left people digging out well into Monday morning.

“The locals have been telling me that Portersville has a dreaded winter and I didn’t believe them, but now I do,” said Matt Gerginski, a Portersville resident.

But residents there say when you live with lake effect snow, the best thing to do is have fun with it because you can’t change it, fight it or beat it.

“We are lucky. We live right, we’re country folk; we love the snow, it’s fun,” added Mindy Dougherty, another Portersville resident.