SAXONBURG (KDKA) – Snow-covered streets were the story Tuesday morning as plows were busy keeping streets clear. However, some areas to the north took the full brunt of the storm.

In Saxonburg, Butler County, the lake-effect snow bands kept coming, one after another.

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“It continues to fall. We don’t seem to be catching much of a break at this time,” Saxonburg Director of Public Works Tom Knights said.

Knights spent the last few days and nights battling to keep Saxonburg’s roads clear. It’s been a win-some, lose-some proposition.

“A lot of drifting. [A lot of] crosswinds on the roads that definitely cause repetitive trips to clean the roads off,” Knights said.

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However, every snow cloud has a green lining for plow truck drivers like Ben Hoover of Hoover Contracting. Over the last few days, Hoover has only gotten a few hours of sleep.

“It’s worth it, you [have to] make the money while it’s here,” Hoover said. “Christmas is what, two weeks away? I don’t even know. What day is it? Tuesday?”

And like it or hate it, it’s only the beginning. Months of snow are potentially ahead.

“It’s not so bad yet, but I’m ready for it,” Hoover said.

Some of the more popular people in Butler County have been the men and women with plows on the front of their trucks.

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Last winter left many places without salt, but so far this season, Saxonburg’s supply is just fine.