CBS Radio an dRam are saluting America’s Unsung Heroes. This week we salute Donald of Pittsburgh. Donald serves in the Navy is was nominated by Karen of Pittsburgh.

My unsung hero is my dad. Don is a husband, father, grandfather, and a disabled veteran. My father served in the Navy during the Korean War. A cannon blast shattered the bones in his ears. He came home wearing a hearing aid. Wow, one would think, at least he came home. I agree, we are lucky to have my father. Unfortunately, we watched him suffer over the years. My father is now rendered deaf in both ears. As children we thought it was funny to play pranks on him as he slept on the living room sofa, putting our hands to head, where he wore his hearing aids, only to send out a squelch so loud it woke him from his slumber.
As I grew older so his hearing worsened. The difficulty in completing simple tasks such as answering the telephone or having a simple conversation with family was taken from him. But never did my father ever complain. Not once did he blame the war or regret his service. He served for our freedom and gave up what most of us take for granted.

Donald, thank you for your service.