It’s time to wake up with the Fan Morning Show after Dave Wannstedt resigned as head coach yesterday. Gregg Giannotti wants to wake up Pitt Panthers AD Steve Pederson and don’t exclude ANY people from the hiring the next head coach; i.e. Tom Bradley from Penn State. He might be your best option for the next head coach.

Paul Alexander also wants to wake up Pederson and hire a coach that understands college football. Wannstedt had the mentality of when he coached for the Chicago Bears, but the college game is much more of a spread offense and score early and often.

Jim Colony wants to wake up the Pitt players on the football team. Colony thinks it is admirable of what the players did by standing behind Wannstedt at the press conference, but they needed to play better and not make mistakes. If the players did that then Wannstedt would still be the coach.

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