STANTON HEIGHTS (KDKA) – The house in Stanton Heights where three Pittsburgh Police officers were shot and killed will be sold at a sheriff’s sale.

Now, KD Investigator Marty Griffin has learned that two Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in buying the house.

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The house will be sold at a sheriff’s sale on Jan. 3.

Sources close to the sale of the house said James Harrison and Hines Ward plan to buy the house, so it can be torn down.

The home is the site where Richard Poplawski is accused of killing three Pittsburgh Police officers.

“The fear is somebody will come in and buy that and remodel it, and move in. And we can’t let that happen. We can’t let that happen. It just can’t be done,” Gloria LeDonne said.

LeDonne is related to one of the officers and says the family, the neighbors, as well as police want the house torn down.

She said as soon as it’s sold and torn down, she is ready to raise funds to put a park and a memorial at the site.

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“To have the building gone and to do a park, not another building because another building is just a reminder there was a house, a building there and what happened. A park where kids can go, where people can go and enjoy and have a new outlook on the area,” LeDonne said.

Sources close to the sale said a number of Pittsburgh Steelers have reached out to people familiar with the auction.

Both Harrison and Ward have indicated they will buy the house and donate it to the city to have it torn down.

“I think it’s a wonderful gesture. I think – the Steelers are – and they’re very generous. And I have met James Harrison at another function we had over on the South Side and he was very generous to come and sign autographs for a fundraiser we had,” LeDonne said.

The Steelers have expressed their generosity and compassion following this incident, before.

They chipped in and purchased GPS units for squad cars that drive through Zone 5 so they know how to get around.

Also, a demolition company stepped up and suggested if the Steelers purchase the house at the sheriff’s sale, they will tear the house down for free. In addition, they will remove the debris for free.

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There is one more act of kindness being offered. A gentleman, who is an artist, said he will help build a monument for free.