By: David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There are still a few options for shoppers who still haven’t finished up their Christmas shopping.

Some stores are open late on Christmas Eve.

The Super Kmart in Moon is open until midnight and Walgreen’s is scheduled to be open on Christmas.

It’s not too late to buy an gift card and e-mail it to someone.

Scratch-off lottery tickets at gas stations can be a good stocking stuffer.

You could also bake something for someone.

Consumer Reports found that 13 percent of last-minute shoppers wind up at gas stations to buy some items, and one percent actually report shopping from vending machines.

Finally, a company is making money off procrastinators who don’t mind a little fib.

There’s a website called, where people pay $5 for an official looking invoice, so they can say they ordered something, but it didn’t arrive yet.

That way, they have more time to actually get a gift after Christmas.