NORTH UNION TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — When robbers broken into 82-year-old Parren Ward’s home in North Union Township, Fayette County, they probably never imagined the struggle they’d face.

Ward says he was watching TV Saturday evening when two robbers broke through his locked front door.

“I’m sitting in this chair and the guy came flying and grabbed me,” he said.

Ward says he fought back, but eventually the robbers grabbed his wallet and took off. That’s when he says he went for his Buffalo revolver and followed them outside. He says he fired two shots – one in the general direction of the robber’s getaway car.

He says from now on, he’ll keep the gun at his side. “I’m going to carry the gun with me, and I’m going to shoot anybody who comes in here.”

“It’s a shame that a man has to lock his door and lock himself up and carry a gun around to stay in his own house,” Ward says.

Police have made no arrests.

Ward says also discovered someone trying to get into his home last year, but he chased that person away.

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