SPRING CHURCH (KDKA) –Police in Armstrong County are investigating after a man was found dead inside a home Sunday morning.

James Sapinsky, 42, was found dead after being shot in the chest inside a house at 108 Birch Street in Spring Church.

Officials were scouring the scene for clues Sunday morning and returned to the scene on Monday.

“Found out from the result of the autopsy conducted last night, he died as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest,” Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Steve Ignatz said.

Sapinksy’s body was found by his fiancé, who immediately called 911.

“She worked the night shift and discovered Mr. Sapinksy dead when she returned after her shift,” Ignatz said.

Police said both worked as nurses at Forbes Pavillion.

(Photo: KDKA)


Police have been continuing to comb the home in hopes of finding some forensic evidence. In addition, a neighbor believed he saw something inside the home early Sunday morning.

“I saw somebody in their house moving around about 2 a.m.,” Randy Allera said.

Detectives don’t think anything was taken from the house. They also don’t think that Sapinsky was robbed or the victim of a random act.

“There are no indications that suggest this is a random event. I’ll put it that way,” District Attorney Scott Andreassi said.

Sapinksy was separated from his wife and was in the process of getting a divorce.