PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Some Pittsburgh residents say that they did not see a city plow on their street until Friday afternoon following the latest storm to dump snow across the area.

One woman says it caused a serious issue for her because her caretaker could not get to her home.

A city salt truck arrived on Memory Lane in the Hill District just after 12:30 p.m., but for Needra Adams it was too little, too late.

She says her home health care nurse missed a visit this morning because her street had not be salted or plowed.

“They plowed last night, I’ll say between 6 and 7 p.m., no plow trucks have been up there since then,” said Adams, who is an MS patient. “She said she got off of 279 on her trip into the city. She was slipping and sliding coming up Bedford Avenue in between the Civic Arena and Connelly Trade School.”

Adams says when the nurse arrived on her street – there was no place to park because of the heavy snow. Now, she’s frustrated and blames road conditions for her nurse missing an important visit.

“It caused me mental frustration simply because I have an open wound that needs to be treated,” Adams said. “I have doctor’s orders that’s to be done daily.”

She has a message for Pittsburgh Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski on behalf of home health care patients

“Mr. Kaczorowski, come up here to the Hill District. Come up to the Hill, and see how bad it is and what we have to put up with,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kaczorowski says the city is working well within the timeframe to clean the main roads and side streets.

“There’s a time frame for us to do our job and that timeframe is set, it’s marked, it’s 24 to 36 hours after the snow event,” he said.

He is asking residents to be patient and if their street is not plowed by 6 a.m. Saturday, call his office or dial 311.”

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