PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes Super Bowl ticket prices. It’s become one of the hottest commodities around.

Even if you can find a flight and room in Dallas, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to afford the tickets.

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But there is one way to cut your costs and it all starts with the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Probably each ticket would be worth roughly $25,000 apiece just for the tickets,” said the bureau’s Phillip Jones. “There’s a four night minimum for all hotels in Dallas and the average room rate is $400 to $500 a night, so you add another couple thousand dollars for that.”

This would be a great time to experience the Super Bowl, and it’s built around the VisitDallas Facebook page.

“You’ll be given clues progressively, starting Friday. If no one gets it on Friday, then on Saturday, and finally on Sunday to look for this mystery man who will be circulating around downtown Pittsburgh,” says Jones.

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Green Bay fans will get their own contest.

The Pittsburgh winner will be the first person to successfully solve a mystery, and find that mystery man in the heart of Steelers country.

“Let’s say hypothetically one of the clues is, ‘What is the tallest building in Dallas?” The answer is the Bank of America Building. If you know that, you probably want to go to the tallest building in Pittsburgh and look for the mystery man,” says Jones. “It will be clues like that that will hopefully get people engaged in what a great destination Dallas is, what there is to see and do in the week leading up to the Super Bowl, and ultimately win two tickets to the game itself.”

For the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, this contest is the crowning jewel built around their shiny new football stadium.

“Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, spared no expenses. Everything from the suites to the seats are first class, the largest flat screen TV in the world is in the stadium. You can retract the roof. You can retract the end zones,” said Jones. “We’re going to, hopefully, have the most fans ever at a Super Bowl with 105,000 in attendance.”

Two of them will be lucky Steelers fans with Super Bowl tickets and lodging for free.

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MORE INFORMATION: Dallas Convention Center & Visitors Bureau | Dallas’ Facebook Page