PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Snow, freezing rain and ice are expected to move into the area this evening, which will make for a messy Tuesday morning commute.

Pennsylvania State Police have already issued a travel warning for Tuesday’s morning commute.

“From a driver’s perspective, the best thing to do is really pay attention to what conditions are out there. Watch the evening news, pay attention to the forecast, call our 511 hotline number to get the most current travel conditions,” Jim Struzzi with PennDOT said.

The best advice is not to travel at all. However, if you have to go out, give yourself plenty of time and make sure your car has safe equipment.

One key component is to make sure your tires aren’t worn out. Even with newer tires, drivers need to slow down in inclement weather.

“Make sure if you’re behind someone you allow yourself adequate stopping distance, because when the conditions do vary like this, you could be traveling on a wet roadway that suddenly turns to ice,” Struzzi said.

That leads to the issue of having good brakes.

“We like to inspect the condition of the pads, the condition of the rotor to make sure they’re going to be able to able to stop safely,” Al Kirschman at Mr. Tire said.

Of course, good tires, good brakes and four-wheel drive won’t make much of a difference on ice. However, if you drive carefully and your vehicle has safe equipment, you have a better chance of avoiding an accident.

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