FORT WORTH, Texas (KDKA) — The teams in this year’s Super Bowl have the two most die-hard fan bases in the league and they’re all in North Texas ahead of the big game.

You’d expect the atmosphere to be tense, but the Cheeseheads are nice people. So far, fans are respecting the opposition.

“Well, they’re a good team – I think so – I think they’re a good team,” Saida Villeneuva, a Packers fan, said. “Now I got to be honest. I was not a big fan before the boyfriend, but now I really have to represent.”

“I don’t think we’ve had the history that other teams have had and the Packers are here to win, the Steelers are here to win,” Lyn Kirschner, a Packers fan, said.

So far, the fans from both factions are playing nice, but Media Day is on Tuesday and oftentimes that’s when the trash talking begins between players and that could rev up the fans.