ARLINGTON, Texas (KDKA) — The biggest threat to the Super Bowl might be the weather.

The same winter storm that passed through our area also hit north Texas where many roads remain ice-covered and dangerous.

Ice from the overnight storm was up to an inch thick on everything in Dallas and there was almost no equipment for an attack.

Walking wasn’t easy, but some took it in stride.

“It’s a lot of fun, you know,” a delivery man said. “It’s nice to get out and just make it happen.”

The interstates in the Dallas and Fort Worth area were covered in snow. Salt trucks were scarce and drivers were on their own.

In Fort Worth, the chilling wind burned the skin like a branding iron.

Steelers fans arriving in town weren’t too bothered by it.

“I was hoping for it,” Brandon Piganell said. “This is good weather for football – I like this.”

Shumway: “But they’re in a dome.”

Piganell: “Still, you have the whole atmosphere of it and it just makes everyone more in the mood for good, hard-nosed football.”